Weekly Update 27/11/2017

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Week Commencing 27/11/2017

Tuesday evening we were at Noel Baker School for Yr 4/5 Futsal, we had 10 teams attend including, St Werburghs, Aston with 2 teams, Portway Juniors, St Albans with 2 teams, St Georges, Dale Primary, Chellaston Juniors and Arboretum Primary. All of the teams played a round robin in 2 different groups and then the winners went through to a semi final and a final. St Albans A team went on to win the tournament, St Werburgs came second and Aston A team third.

Well Done to Everyone!

futsla st albans futsal


Wednesday we had Yr 3/4 Fitness is Fun which 7 teams attended, Lakeside, Hardwick, Reigate Park Primary in the morning session and Brookfield, Silverhill brining 2 teams and Dale Primary in the afternoon. All of the teams did a lot of activities and were moving around for the whole time, all of the children went through fitness games and a fitness circuit, they did a brilliant job.

Well Done to Everyone!


On Wednesday evening we had Under 16 girls football week 2 which was held at Lees Brook school, we had 4 teams attend, Woodlands with 2 teams, Chellaston and Noel Baker. All of the children played each other on a very cold evening. All of the results went together with the previous week and will give us our finalist which will be played in 2 weeks time.

Well Done to Everyone!

football football 2


Thursday we had Yr 5/6 Gymnastics, in the morning session we had 15 teams including, Markeaton Primary, Dale with 2 teams, Portway with 2 teams, Reigate Park Primary, Lakeside Primary, Roe Farm, Derby High, Silverhill with 2 teams, St Georges Primary Chellaston Juniors, Cavendish Close Juniors and St James Juniors. In the Afternoon we had 8 teams including, Ravensdale Juniors, Bishop Lonsdale, Village, Chaddenden Park Primary, St Peters, Oakwood with 2 teams and St josephs. All of the children did a floor routine, a body management and a vault competition. They got scored throughout the day and the final score is their total. The winning team for the day were St Peters Juniors who had the most points throughout.

Well Done to Everyone!

gym st peters gym

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