Weekly Update 26/06/2017

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Week Commencing 26/06/2017

Monday evening we had Quadkids Athletics at West Park School, we had 5 schools attend. Cavendish Close Juniors, Silverhill Primary, Homefields Primary, St Peters Juniors and Ravensdale Juniors. All the children got the chance to run the sprint event, they all then moved onto to girls on Javelin and boys on Long Jump, they then swapped and everyone got a go at the other activity. All schools then moved onto long distance running. The winners were Cavendish Close Juniors A Team, second were Silverhill Primary and third were Cavendish Close Juniors B team.

Well Done to Everyone!

quadkids jumping quadkids


Tuesday morning we had Athletics Plus at Moorways stadium, 5 schools attended, St Claire’s, Reigate Park Primary, Alvaston Juniors, Oakwood Juniors and St Giles Primary. All the children had the chance to do do speed bounce, chest push, target throwing, javelin and long jump. They all then moved onto 60 meter sprints, then relay race and an obstacle race. All the children got a go at everything and enjoyed the morning.

Well Done to Everyone!

athletics plus athletics plus 2


Tuesday Afternoon we had Kwik Cricket City Finals which 7 schools attended, St Albans Primary, St James Juniors, Dale Primary with 2 teams, Walter Evans Primary, Homefields Primary, St Werberghs Primary and Arboretum Primary. The schools were split into 2 groups, they all played each other and then the winners of each group played each other to find the overall winners. Dale Primary won overall and Arboretum Primary came second.

Well Done to Everyone!

cricket city finals criicket city final s


Wednesday we had Mini Games Festival at Derby Tennis Centre which we had a total of 4 schools, 2 in the morning Portway Infants and St Georges Primary and 2 in the afternoon Village Primary and Walter Evans Primary. All the schools went round different stations, including Tennis, Football, Games and Fitness.

Well Done to Everyone!

mini games mini games 2


Thursday we had This Girl Can Festival which changed venue due to weather so was held at Mackworth Sports Centre, we had 3 schools attend, Oakwood Juniors, Zaytouna Primary and St Georges Primary. All the schools moved around and had the chance to practice the miss kicks program by willows and tag rugby mega-fest activities, all the girls then went outside to do some cyclo cross activities with cycle derby.

Well Done to Everyone!

this girls can thi girls can

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