Weekly Update 19/03/2018

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Week Commencing 19/03/2018


Tuesday evening we were at Littleover School for Yr 8 Netball, we had 10 schools attend including, Woodlands, Chellaston, Littleover, City of Derby, Derby Moor, Derby High, West Park, Landau, Merrill and Da Vinci. All of the schools played in two different groups against each other and the winning two teams went through to semi finals and then finals. The overall winners were Woodlands.

Well Done to Everyone!

yr 8 netball
Wednesday we were at Derby Tennis Centre for our Fundamentals Festival which saw 5 schools attend including, Dale Primary, Village Primary, Brookfield Primary, Hardwick Primary and Lakeside Primary. All of the schools rotated around 4 different stations including Tennis, Curling and Basketball.

Well Done to Everyone!

fun fundaemtnals


Wednesday evening we were at Derby High School for Yr 9/10 B and C Team netball which saw 7 schools attend including, Woodlands, West Park, Derby Moor, Murray Park and Derby High with 2 teams. All of the teams played each other and the overall winners were Woodlands.

Well Done to Everyone!

yr 9 yr 10


Thursday afternoon we were over at Willows sports centre for Alternative Ball Sports Festival, which saw 7 teams attend including, Silverhill and Derwent both bringing 2 teams, Village, Homefields and Zaytouna. All of the teams played lots of games of both Handball and Water Polo against different teams.

Well Done to Everyone!

handball water polo


Thursday evening we were over at Moorways for Yr 5/6 Girls Football Festival, which saw 8 teams attend including, Dale, Oakwood, Ashgate, Aston on Trent, Chellaston, Portway and St James with 2 teams. All of the girls got the chance to play lots of different games against every team.

Well Done to Everyone!

Girl footy footy


Friday afternoon we were back at Moorways for our KS1 Egg Hunt Festival, which saw 5 schools attend including, Dale Primary, Allenton Primary, Shelton Infants, Osmaston Primary and Portway Infants. All of the children were set of around the grounds of Moorways to find Eggs with letters on to spell out an Easter word.

Well Done to Everyone!

easter easter egg

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