Weekly Update 15/01/2018

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Week Commencing 15/01/2018

Tuesday we had Winter seasonal walk based at Darley Abbey Park, we had 8 schools in the morning session with some schools brining over 30 children, including, Lakeside, Chellaston Infants, St Georges, Village, Osmaston, Asterdale, Portway Infants and Parkview. We had 230 children in the morning session and they all had the chance to walk around the park and complete a orienteering course as well as a scavenger hunt and a worksheet. In the afternoon we had another 4 schools brining large numbers Including, Village, Parkview, Cherry Tree and Bishop Lonsdale. For the whole event we had just under 400 children which was excellent and we were extremely happy with how the day went.

Well Done to Everyone!

winter ww


Wednesday we had Boccia Plus in the morning which saw record numbers, we had 9 schools in the morning including, Reigate, Portway, Royal School for the Deaf, St James, St Werburghs, Dale, Meadow Farm, Lakeside and St Clare’s. In the afternoon we also had great numbers with 8 schools coming including, St Marys, Dale, Walter Evans, Cherry Tree, Roe Farm, Ravensdale, Osmaston and Arboretum. Some schools brought 2 teams so we had 12 teams in total. All of the children played different games against different teams and then we put all the scores together and the winning team in the morning were Portway Juniors and in the afternoon were Ravensdale Juniors.

Well Done to Everyone!

boccaia boccia


Thursday evening we had KS3/4 Trampolining which was held at Da Vinci school, we had 3 schools attend, Merrill, Da Vinci and West Park. All of the schools brought a number of Trampolinist who then had to preform set routines and the judges marked them out of 10 for it.

Well Done to Everyone!

tram trm

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