Weekly Update 05/03/2018

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Week Commencing 05/03/2018


Tuesday we had Yr 5/6 Cyclo Cross which was held at Darley Park, it was tough conditions with all the rain we’ve had but 11 different teams attended including, Portway Juniors, Village Primary, Arboretum with 2 teams, Royal School for the Deaf, Silverhill Primary, Markeaton Primary, Cavendish Close Juniors, Dale Primary, Oakwood Juniors and Ashgate Primary. All of the children performed really well in all 4 races. The winner overall were Cavendish Close Juniors, second place was joint between Markeaton Primary and Silverhill Primary and third went to Portway Juniors.

Well Done to Everyone!

village ashgate markeaton portway arbo rsdd

Thursday and Friday were our biggest event of the year, Celebration of Dance! We had hundreds of different children performing from different schools in each showing. All of the children had planned and practiced their routines and they looked amazing, all of the children got on stage and performed their dance which was a Beach Party theme.

Well Done to Everyone!

353Silverhill Primary 477Oakwood Juniors

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