Oakwood teams top the Christmas Futsal Tree!


Oakwood Junior School retained the title they won in 2014-15 as their Y4/5 Futsal A and B teams played off in the final of this year’s event.


Eight teams participated in a series of goal-filled group stage games before playing positional fixtures against the equivalent finishing team from the other group. These games saw Portway Junior take the Bronze award by beating Cavendish Close Junior.


Grp A 4th v Grp B 4th

Al Madinah 0 – Dale 2


3rd v 3rd

Arboretum 0 – St James’ 0


2nd v 2nd

Portway 4 – Cavendish Close 2


1st v 1st

Oakwood A 2 – Oakwood B 0


Our thanks go to Noel Baker School who have again been extremely hospitable with regards to our Futsal events this year, providing both venue and referees, and also to the Derbyshire FA for their ongoing support.


IMG_4456 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4464

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