Tumble Time at Derby Gym Club

February 26, 2015

Around 60 young people took part in Derby City SSP’s inaugural Trampolining and Gymnastics Plus event at Derby Gym Club on Wednesday 25th February.

The children from Portway Junior, Grampian Primary, St Martins School, Royal School for the Deaf and High Grange School were coached by staff from Derby Gym Club on a range of skills including trampolining, balance, floor exercises and using the club’s “tumble-track” vaulting area.

Pictures can be seen attached to this article and huge thanks go out to Derby Gym and their staff, in particular our coaches for the day, Chris, Seb, Ria […]

Balance is FUNdamental in Derby schools

February 25, 2015

Over 150 Foundation and Key Stage 1 children from Derby City schools enjoyed Cycling, Gymnastics and Football on Thursday 19th February as the SSP held our latest in a series of Fundamental Movement Festivals with Balance taking centre stage.

Everyone got the opportunity to practice their skills through balancing on bikes, balancing their own bodies and each other during the gymnastics sessions, and then even balancing a football on various parts of their body, and vice versa!

Pictures of the event can be seen below! Our thanks go out to Moorways Sports Centre for hosting us, and Derby County Community […]

Leaders in at the deep end for training!

February 11, 2015

Derby City SSP’s Leadership Academy have taken on a few challenges over the last couple of days, from learning how to be an Aquatic Helper, to delivering inclusive football sessions and even taking the opportunity to try blind football.

Monday saw a group of leaders head to Queen’s Leisure Centre to work with Samuel Juffs from Derby City Council on the attributes and skills required to take the first step into leading and coaching in an aquatic environment. They discussed risk assessing, communication and learning styles as well as delivering accurate demonstrations and getting the opportunity to see […]

Sports Hall Athletics takes over City

February 6, 2015

The last couple of weeks in Derby City have been dominated by Sports Hall Athletics as well over 500 pupils of all ages have battled it out for a place at the County Finals.

The Year 5/6 Competition led to Cavendish Close Junior and Parkview Primary taking the top two spaces.

In the Secondary age groups Noel Baker and Lees Brook Year 7 Boys were joined by their female counterparts from Lees Brook and West Park in going forward to represent the city at the next stage of the competition.

Meanwhile, the Year 8 event provided a spread of […]

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