Weekly Update 03/04/2017

April 19, 2017

Week Commencing 03/04/2017

Thursday evening we had Secondary Volleyball at Derby Moor school, we had 4 schools attend, Murray Park brining 2 teams, Derby Moor with 2 teams, Chellaston Academy and the Darkstar Volleyball Club with 2 teams. They all got the chance to play each other and had lots of different games against lots of different players of different abilities.

Well Done to Everyone!



Friday we had a Year 1/2 Football Festival held at Moorways, we had 6 schools attend with a total of 10 teams. In the morning all the children got the chance […]

Weekly Update 27/03/2017

April 3, 2017
Derby City updated logo

Week Commencing 27/03/2017

Tuesday we had Alternative Ball Sports Festival at Willows sports Centre, we had 7 teams attend, Silverhill with 2 teams, Cherry Tree Hill, Cottons Farm Primary, Dale Primary, Oakwood Juniors and Village Primary all bringing 1 team. All the children got to play sports they don’t normally do in schools, such as water polo, dodge-ball and american football. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and got to play a new sport.

Well done Everyone!


Tuesday evening we had Under 16 Netball at Littleover School, 3 schools attended Derby High School, Chellaston Academy and the […]

Weekly Update 20/03/17

March 27, 2017
Derby City updated logo

Week Commencing 20/03/17


Tuesday morning we had Basketball Plus at Noel Baker School, We had 5 schools attend, Oakwood Juniors, Alvaston Juniors, Noel Baker School, St Claire’s and St Martins School. All the schools had the chance to play lots of games against other teams and they got the chance to work on there pacing, shooting and dribbling skills.

Well Done to everyone!


Tuesday Afternoon we had Year 8 Netball at Littleover School which 10 schools attended, Landau, Derby Moor, West Park, Woodlands, Derby High, Noel Baker, Merrill, Chellaston, Littleover and St Benedict’s. All […]

Weekly Update 13/03/17

March 20, 2017
Derby City updated logo

Week commencing 13/03/17


Tuesday we had Quicksticks Hockey festival which 7 schools attended, Oakwood Juniors, Mickelover Primary, Ravensdale Juniors, Cherry Tree Hill Primary, Al Madinah Primary, St Mary’s Primary and Markeaton Primary. We had 14 teams in total as some teams brought more teams, everyone really enjoyed themselves and got to play every other team in there group.

Well done everyone!


On Tuesday we also had Year 7 Netball, 10 schools turned up to this bringing a team each. Littleover, Woodlands, Noel Baker, Landau Forte, West Park, Derby High, Derby Moor, Chellaston, Merrill and City […]

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